My Plan

Washington is broken.  The two party system is corrupt and broken — corrupted by special interests. Our country, our liberty, and our Constitution — and Texas itself — are under attack, and we will lose it all if we don’t act, quickly and effectively.

Most problems we face are caused by the federal government exceeding its constitutional limits.  This would not surprise our founders — they knew that federal overreach was not a matter of “if” but “when.”  my_plan.jpg

When the federal government exceeds its constitutional authority, our constitutional design requires that state leaders push back by enforcing the Constitution and stopping unconstitutional federal acts, demanding that our Ninth and Tenth Amendment sovereignty be respected and constitutional balance restored.  This, we have failed to do.  Without that resistance, the federal government has had free reign to do as it pleases.  And what the federal government has pleased to do, is act as a tyrant, treating us as subjects to be ruled.

We live in a surveillance state that could easily become a police state.  To resist this tyranny, we have to chart a new course — away from Washington and outside the two party system.  The time will come when the federal government is not just broken but totally collapsed and without a functioning currency.  When that day comes, Texas will be forced to do without many things we have come to rely on from the federal government – like almost 40% of our state budget.  Texas will have no recourse but to stand on our own two feet, as we should have done all along.

To survive this looming crisis,  Texas must have a governor with the vision to see the coming storm, a plan to defeat it, and the guts to see it through.  We must have a Plan for Texas Independence (of course, we are not talking about secession but demanding that our Constitution be enforced, not terminated).  Only Kathie Glass has the vision, plan, and guts.

To restore our lost sovereignty, this plan must include:

Constitutional enforcement: Stop unconstitutional federal acts like EPA, Obamacare, NSA spying, and BLM land grabs.  Don’t sue the buzzards — arrest them!  Resist the impending War on Cash to protect the financial security of Texans against federal wealth grabs and restrictions on cash, gold, and digital currency.  Protect our gun rights from local, state, national, or international threats.

★ Fiscal sanity: To be financially independent of Washington, replace — or even better do without — the almost 40% of our budget that comes from the federal government.  Promote and restore sound money to fall back on in the event of a currency collapse.  Send the Texas Rangers to bring our Texas gold back from New York.  Slash our budget 50% — taxes and spending — which would just put Texas back where we were when Rick Perry first took office.  End property taxes and franchise taxes, and resist efforts to impose an income tax.  Opt out of Medicaid.  No taxpayer-funded services for non-citizens.

★ A welcoming immigration policy and a secure border: As in times past, create a made-for-Texas guest worker program which prohibits receipt of taxpayer-funded services.  Use our Texas State Guard, which is under the total control of the governor, to work with Texas law enforcement and protect private property rights along the border.

★ Property rights: Defeat BLM land grabs.  End eminent domain. Stop toll road boondoggles, public/private partnerships, and other forms of cronyism.  Defend water rights from theft by federal, international, state, or local authorities, commissions, boards, or private entities using the machinery of government.  Beat back any effort — no matter how small — to disarm Texans.

★ Texas sovereignty: Revitalize our Texas State Guard to secure our border, provide disaster relief, and anything else a state militia should be prepared to do in these times.  Protect our Texas electrical grid from interference and harm, and protect our civil liberties by forbidding its use by the NSA’s San Antonio super-spy center.

By uniting around this Plan for Texas Independence, Texans can do again what we have done before: face down a federal tyrant, and change the course of history!

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  • Joel Rogers
    commented 2017-12-27 19:22:22 -0600
    Your comments I agree with to a large extent Kathie. I have written you and others a list of issues that Abbott is doing against Texas including over flooding it with people, Crony Capitalism, Foreign Entanglement, crime, high costs, and Social Engineering all of which matches Agenda 21 of the UN. Massive change by a huge influx of people is socially engineering the state into something else and has not benefits from new jobs because the jobs are mostly going to new people moving in. Leadership is about our Constitutional rights and our peace and quality beliefs; NOT MONEY that can be destroyed over night by the Federal Reserve. I like what you are pushing for. Sincerely, Joel T. Rogers