Enforce the Constitution

Constitutional Enforcement

Our nation is dying because the federal government goes beyond the bounds of the Constitution every day, and no one is stopping them. The federal government spies on our emails and phone calls without warrant, gropes us at the airports without warrant, forces us to buy private health insurance, destroys our prosperity with unconstitutional regulatory agencies like the EPA and OSHA, and tries to grab our land and guns. The feds will never limit themselves. Suing allows the very tyrants we are fighting to decide our fate, and we get massacred. Read More

Resist Cronyism

Resist Cronyism

Kathie Glass is a Libertarian.  Not a Republican.  Not a Democrat.  Not a crony.

The two-party system is corrupt.  Politicians of both parties promise one thing, then break that promise in order to do the bidding of well-connected special interests – the “cronies.” Government has become the way that the rich and powerful become . . . more rich and more powerful, using the mechanism of government to amass power and fortunes for themselves they never could have achieved otherwise at the expense of the rest of us.

Cronyism corrupts almost every process of government.  It destroys public education with expensive, frustrating, time-consuming testing while enriching the testing companies.  It steals water from rural aquifers and East Texas lakes to enrich developers.  It steals land for toll roads and enriches bond salesmen and foreign toll companies.

The Texas governor CAN resist cronyism.  Only Kathie Glass will. Read More

Property Tax and Franchise Tax



Everywhere we turn, we are being overtaxed.  Property taxes, franchise taxes, tax, tax, tax.  We need to get rid of property taxes and the franchise tax and replace them with–nothing!  It’s not that we tax ourselves too little; it’s that we spend too much.

Property taxation is a liberty issue as well as a financial issue.  If you can lose your home, farm, or ranch due to unpaid property taxes, you are really a renter from the government, not a landowner.  No Texan should ever lose his or her home, farm, or ranch due to non-payment of property taxes.

Read More


Texas Budget and Economy



Many agree that Washington is broken and the two party system is corrupt – corrupted by special interests.  But the time will soon come when Washington is not just broken, but totally collapsed.  When that day comes, Texas will be forced to do without things we rely on from the federal government – like about 35% of our state budget.  Texas will have no choice but to stand on our own two feet, as we should have done all along. Read More

Eminent Domain and Toll Roads



The United States Supreme Court’s Kelo decision in 2005 focused our attention on the evil use of eminent domain for private purposes.  We saw powerful cronies reap a financial windfall by using government to seize private property for their pet projects.  Everyone that I know was outraged. Read More

Financial Stability, Texas, and the War on Cash



A key to financial stability and individual and corporate financial security is a stable currency.  Central bankers around the globe and their supporters are planning a War on Cash that will seize upon a financial crisis to outlaw the use of cash and probably launch an assault on other stores of wealth and mediums of exchange like gold, silver, and digital currency.

For Texas to remain strong and free, I as governor would resist assaults on the natural rights of Texans to keep and hold the medium of exchange of their choice and our ability to trade using the medium of exchange of our choice.  The Ninth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects this natural right and we need to add an explicit protection for this right in the Texas Bill of Rights.  And most importantly, Texas needs a leader that will enforce the Constitution and stand up to the global banking cronies who seek to gain even more ways to extract wealth from Texans and destroy our privacy.



Better Education at a Lower Cost with More Freedom and Prosperity



We can produce better education at a lower cost by ending school property taxes and “Robin Hood” transfers and fighting cronyism and federal subversion of our curriculum.  This will eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming, frustrating, crony-enriching testing while protecting our right and ability to own property and growing the economy. Read More



The right to keep and bear arms is an individual, natural right that is recognized – not granted – by the Second Amendment to our United States constitution and Article 1, Section 23 of our Texas Constitution.  On the firearms freedom front, there is good news and bad news. Read More

Border Safety and Immigration



Our current border crisis is proof that Washington is broken and the two party system is corrupted by special interests.  As with so much else, Texas cannot look to the federal government for solutions to our insecure border and broken immigration system.

We must act as the sovereign state that we are in these, as in other, matters. Read More




Texans love liberty, but we have lost liberty in many ways over the years.  From red light cameras, to civil asset forfeiture, to militarization of police, to unconstitutional groping at the airports, to loss of the ability to use natural substances such as marijuana as we see fit, we are less free than we once were.  That needs to change.


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