I am Kathie Glass, a Houston lawyer who has worked in the liberty movement for 30 years.  I want to be the next governor of Texas because America and Texas are at a pivotal crossroads.

     Our liberty and economic well-being will be lost if we do not act swiftly to maintain our sovereignty.  I am the only person running who appears to appreciate this danger, much less have a plan to resist it and the will to do so.


I believe in American exceptionalism.  America is exceptional because we believe in freedom.  Our country was founded on it, and our Constitution guarantees it.  And, the most exceptional part of America is TEXAS!  No other place on earth has our unique history and culture of liberty.

     Our freedom is under assault like never before, with the most critical attacks coming from our out-of-control federal government.  The recent federal takeover of our health care is just the most recent and -- to date -- most dangerous act of aggression on our individual sovereignty and our Texas state sovereignty.

     We have suffered a long train of abuses -- absurd and unconstitutional EPA regulations on our citizens and businesses, equally unconstitutional attacks on our individual right to keep and bear arms, interference with our schools and other institutions that lead to higher taxes.  And the usurpations on the horizon not only by our federal government but the United
Nations  such as the Law of the Sea and Small Arms Disarmament treaties are, if possible, even more alarming.

     We must fight for our rights as individuals and as a State and indeed for America itself.  For, if America fails, where can we run to and live in freedom? This is freedom’s last stand.  

     We cannot fail.  We must not fail.  We will not fail.

     Texas must lead this fight.  We must be a beacon to other states, to America, and to the world to show them the way back to liberty.  We must be a fortress for freedom.  Through aggressive use of nullification and interposition, we must reclaim our Ninth and Tenth Amendment sovereignty by rejecting the unconstitutional laws passed by, and powers usurped by, our federal government and international bodies.
     As realists, we know that we face many serious challenges.  But our belief in the indomitable spirit of the individual makes us optimistic that we can solve any problem if we can make our own decisions about the problems that confront us.

     Winston Churchill described four stages of a fight for the right: 1) you can easily win without cost, 2) victory is sure and not too costly, 3) the odds are against you and the costs huge, and 4) there is no chance of victory but it is better to perish than live as slaves.  As I see it, our fight is between the second and third stages.

     So, let’s get started.