Kathie Glass for Texas Governor

Our current border crisis is proof that Washington is broken and the two party system is corrupted by special interests. As with so much else, Texas cannot look to the federal government for solutions to our insecure border and broken immigration system.


Our nation is dying because the federal government goes beyond the bounds of the Constitution every day, and no one is stopping them.  The federal government spies on our emails and phone calls without warrant, gropes us at the airports without warrant, forces us to buy private health insurance, destroys our prosperity with unconstitutional regulatory agencies like the EPA and OSHA, and tries to grab our land and guns.  The feds will never limit themselves.  Suing allows the very tyrants we are fighting to decide our fate, and we get massacred.

To save our liberty, our Constitution, and our country, we must honor our oaths and enforce the Constitution.  If a federal agent is engaging in an unconstitutional act, it likely also violates Texas law.  Kathie Glass says, “Don’t sue the buzzards, arrest them!”

The Texas governor CAN enforce the Constitution.  Only Kathie Glass will.


Kathie Glass is a Libertarian.  Not a Republican.  Not a Democrat. Not a crony.

The two-party system is corrupt.  Politicians of both parties promise one thing, then break that promise in order to do the bidding of well-connected special interests – the “cronies.”  Government has become the way that the rich and powerful become . . . more rich and more powerful, using the mechanism of government to amass power and fortunes for themselves they never could have achieved otherwise at the expense of the rest of us.

Cronyism corrupts almost every process of government.  It destroys public education with expensive, frustrating, time-consuming testing while enriching the testing companies.  It steals water from rural aquifers and East Texas lakes to enrich developers.  It steals land for toll roads and enriches bond salesmen and foreign toll companies.

The Texas governor CAN resist cronyism.  Only Kathie Glass will.


Many agree that Washington is broken and the two party system is corrupt – corrupted by special interests. But the time will soon come when Washington is not just broken, but totally collapsed.  When that day comes, Texas will be forced to do without things we rely on from the federal government – like about 35% of our state budget.  Texas will have no choice but to stand on our own two feet, as we should have done all along.


©2014 Kathie Glass for Texas Governor

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